About us

Quest Adviser — your guide in the world of live games

Welcome to Quest Adviser — a web portal that unites all escape games in the world! We collect and provide up-to-date information on live games so popular nowadays — escape games (escape rooms), larp games, street adventures, mazes, action games etc. On our website you can choose a suitable game, leave a comment, see reviews and read articles from the blog.

Quest Adviser stands for variety

On our portal we try to cover all kinds of live games that’s why the catalogue is constantly being expanded and updated. This will allow any child or adult to find an entertainment 100% after his own heart. Outdoors or indoors, alone or in a big team, for a special occasion or for everyday, with a focus on action or logical puzzles — you will surely find what you are looking for, just use the function of search, a range of filters or ready selections of games.  

Who are we?

As creators of one of the first escape rooms in Moscow, we have been taking an active part in the live escape gaming industry since its birth in Russia. Since the beginning of 2014, when our first own escape room was opened, we have been watching the growth of this new kind of leisure, studying trends, keeping close contact with the companies that make escapes. Despite the closure of our project in September 2016, our interest towards live games is never fading. On the contrary, it is continuously growing! Escape games are a very alive, dynamic and evolving sphere all over the world. And we are glad to be part of it!

We know live games firsthand

Everyone who’s ever dealt with the escape gaming business surely knows how hard it is! We came through all its stages and are aware of all issues that owners and managers face. In  Quest Adviser we are always attentive to their needs and queries. On the other hand, we’ve many times been escape game players ourselves and truly know what people expect and want.

Our mission

The mission of Quest Adviser is to popularize live games all over the world. We want all people to know what a live game is and to play them as often as possible!

Live games must grow out of a tricky novelty into a common and natural way of leisure and fun, just like movies or a walk across the city. Furthermore, escape games shouldn’t die out as a passing trend. It is important that they stay with us forever and fill our routine with bright impressions.

Still, why escape games?

In the modern world of mass-produced wares we come across a phenomena: there are tons of offers, in the field of entertainment as well, but they are all churned out, similar. Identical network stores across the city, the same movies in all cinemas, similar menu in all cafes… Escape games are an exception. Every room is unique and reflects the inner world of its creators. Moreover, escape and larp games are the bridge between the reality and imaginary world where everyone of us can be another character and act in unusual for the daily life circumstances. And that is extremely valuable!

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